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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Popular Banca Privada : three aspects that differentiate them from their competitors

Popular Private Banking or the Bank, as it is commonly known , is a major undertaking and scope , valued by its customers for its solvency , stability and confidence . Here are some elements that differentiate this from other financial institutions .

Banco Popular

The Popular Banca Privada is a financial institution that has been established over the years, as one of the Spanish market leaders due to their strengths and outstanding financial products .

One advantage of Banco Popular is providing its customers financial, real estate , investments and legal advice for individuals , businesses , young people, local and foreign , positioning itself as the bank that offers products more broadly .

On the other hand , the Popular Online Banking is one of the most advanced and profitable market , as it allows its users to access financial products at preferential rates , in addition to providing comfort to operate electronically through the bank .
Featured Products

As discussed above , the bank meets all financial needs . Here they are some outstanding products .

Gasol tank 12 months
The term deposit is placed as one of the most profitable in the country, offering a 1-year rate of 4 percent APR , with the ability to invest a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 500,000 euros , plus you get bonuses for other products as insurance, mortgages , etc. .

Renting technology
One option that is not available in many private banks is to conduct leasing technology to stay ahead without worrying about your pocket. This includes virtual room hire , equipment of institutes , laptops , desktops , tablets, etc. .

Electronic mortgages
The virtual branch of Banco Popular , Banco Popular known as E , provides mortgage differentials users to decide handled through home banking platforms . They include :

Premium Mortgage Euribor + 0.59 percent . Up to 80 percent of the appraised value . Maximum term 30 years . Annual Review of interests. No origination fees .

Young Mortgage Euribor + 0.79 percent . Interest fixed rate of 2.75 percent for the first 6 months. Maximum term 40 years. Annual Review . Opening fee 0.50 percent. No fees for cancellation or prepayment .

Second Home Mortgage Euribor + 1 percent. Fixed rate 2.75 percent the first six months . Maximum term 25 years. Annual Review of interests. Opening fee 0.50 percent. No early repayment fees .

As you can see , Banco Popular is at the forefront of flexible financial products , giving users everything they need to meet their banking and financial needs .

Santander Loans : Three advantages not offered by other banks

Santander Bank ranks number four in the world in terms of benefits , as indicated on its website Santander.com , and is one of the main Spanish financial institutions , along with BBVA and La Caixa . This article lists the 6 types of personal loans they offer, and in particular, the special advantages offered 3 of them.

Range of loans available

The company has the following 5 types of loans:

- Supercrédito , by which is possibie request up to 60,000 euros ( to July 23, 2011 ) , to return up to 10 years, with the possibility to enjoy a grace period of 24 months.

- Personal Loan , to the same conditions as above, but with the option to choose 12 or 14 monthly payments , without paying anything for the first 2 months of the loan.

- Loan Supercar , which finances the purchase of a new vehicle from 3000 up to 48,000 euros ( to July 23, 2011 ) , repayable over five years , starting from the third month pay and allowing the last monthly pay up 30% of the total granted .

The 3 remaining products are credit Superfidelidad , Payroll Advance and Deposit Supercrédito with more favorable conditions the higher the relationship with the entity .
Loans with special conditions : Superfidelidad and Payroll Advance

First, the Loan Superfidelidad , can apply for up to 60,000 euros ( to July 23, 2011 ) repayable over five years at a fixed interest rate that you get to cut up to 3% as the customer contracts other products such as payroll income and receipts , the use of debit cards, or hire a pension plan and multichannel banking service .

Second, the Payroll Advance Loans are offered to customers who enter their assets, and allows them to apply changes to 6,000 euros ( to July 23, 2011 ) and up to twice the payroll , leaving them in 12 months without open interest and costs during the first 3 months , and also no service fees associated account .
Deposit Supercrédito guaranteed savings products, securities or funds

Finally , if the client has hired an imposition term funds or securities , can use them as collateral in exchange for a loan from 600 to 50,000 euros ( to July 23, 2011 ) and back up to 5 years without charge early Termination and interest under the 12-month Euribor , and the option to choose the payment frequency .

In short , the company rewards with preferential terms to customers with more assets , in case you need personal finance .

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Seven tips for choosing your partner

I truly believe that there is one person for each of us, at times it is difficult to recognize, there are people dying and never knew who was to them, or think they find, or worse never meet and do not know it. It's hard to say, because it is very likely that the person we played we go, away or lost, for a thousand reasons that might have been. It is difficult to identify, and even more confusing signals not otherwise (custom, loneliness, love, friendship and so on.) I could say that if identified these details, it is better to pay more attention on the person that the person may be, does not mean they are the only proven or rule but still form a strong part.

1) Same End There are people who think they are very similar to each other for the same, this is false, even dangerous since two similar people are so incompatible as positive and positive. The important thing is not even bearing the same life, but that have the same end in mind. That dream or goals are the same, their parallel paths, this ara entire trip more enjoyable, as when they left knowing it will be difficult to fall into boredom and be as durable as they wish. 2) Challenges It's boring a person who tells his partner that everything he does is right, there is no error, many times not to create conflict or having a "harmony", this is not healthy as it is generated by feelings inside Not to mention if you think otherwise and at any time can damage the relationship. It is important to challenge, correct and challenge, always with respect and affection of course!, But to be taught the right way, be educated together and mature together, helping each other!. 3) Target Many times we do not see, do not believe in or just not important to us, I tell them sincerely believe in him!. Generally will cause two people to be together if they return to how they met and these inexplicable events that drew together. This be reflected in different ways each, since no reason be followed when getting to know, think the same moment, and all that presentirse cosmic signs that appear before us we can see if you just open your eyes a little and the heart. Bear in mind this part. 4) Vices Humans have flaws within our people, roles that due to circumstances as we grew at home, as we created and countless more things that are in our subconscious. This can be a problem for a relationship, especially if it was the best childhood they had. These services should be identified together, and watch conversarse removed, resolved or accepted TOGETHER!, But this may be the main cause of separation from a partner who has all of the above. These services range from the not say what you feel, be possessive, insecure in the relationship, selfish, not caring or cold and thousands more, all these have a common thread that leads back to a source, a key moment or situation continuous when we were growing up did so, at times can not be changed but if control, and more if you have the help of your partner. 5) Chemistry IMPORTANT: The chemistry between the two people is extremely important, this is not going to find the time, will not grow or will create, is given from the beginning or not given and ready. It is important not to ignore it, generally set the pace of passion, desire and attraction constant. 6) Be It is always important to be authentic, be yourself, be ... people do not change, they can change some months, days, weeks, but not forever, to look good, or to get what they want but not for life. It is important that the two people always be themselves, no matter what happens, this dacha much value to all. It is important to see the whole both outside and inside, and being and react accordingly as it is not like the other person wants or is. Because happiness is not found in the happiness of others, is selfish and change anywhere or be someone else. 7) Window There is a small window that is given along with the 6 points above, this window opens fully to create something that can not be broken ever be full, half, a little or nothing. So you need to know to use it, usually at the climax of the relationship and is usually just before that causes something to end it. Due to the innate nature of human self-destruction takes place, so it is very important to know, because that window is of great value, and the basis for all the rest, when you open one is very strong, and more when it takes , but it is difficult to re open front is usually covered with everything bad you made to each other, each opposite side, so it is difficult to open without falling back over everything bad that happened between the two. But it does not mean it is not possible however, if difficult.